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Indian Startup, Entrepreneurship, Journey, Growth And Purpose

Dec. 8, 2018

Startups are a company that root up with an idea having various infrastructural shape and size, some starts in a bedroom and some in a co-working space.

An Invention And Making It Available To Billions

Dec. 1, 2018

The Invention makes true sense when it is available to scale to billion people and serve the purpose and not just being utilized to a single person.

Let's Build The Future Of The Web With Actionable Guidance And Analysis

Nov. 24, 2018

World Wide Web(www) or, simply ‘web’ consists an informational space that searches and gives out the results based on the requests made by the users in the forms of Uniform Resource locators(URLs).

India's Ecommerce, Global Market And Trends

Nov. 17, 2018

India has an internet users base of about 475 million as of July 2018 and that is about 40% of the population. Despite being the second largest user base in the world, the penetration of e-commerce was very low until a few years before.

Open Source Software Is About Freedom And Community

Nov. 10, 2018

Open source in software development means ‘open collaboration’. This approach promotes universal access to codes, softwares, and platform without any proprietary code.

Ai And Billion People Of India

Nov. 3, 2018

Artificial Intelligence( AI) is the discipline of technology that deals with the machine intelligence in addition to the human intelligence.

Refactor Learning Process For Success And Beyond

Oct. 27, 2018

‘Learning’ refers to acquiring knowledge, behavior or brushing up/enhancing the existing knowledge and skills. Learning is of extreme importance in context with life and career.

Technology Advancements Changing Lifestyle Trends

Oct. 20, 2018

Technology is a key essential tool that plays a vital role in forming a social structure. A change or transformation in the technology helps in forming a social sector depending upon the extended tools being available with the help of technology. Since ancient times, technology has evolved and it gives the mankind to evolve too.

How Technology Is Changing The Way We Celebrate Festivals

Oct. 13, 2018

We are all set for Dussehra holidays followed up by Diwali. It is that time of the year when we see the festive colours and joyous faces all around. We find people right from the kids to adults, discussing, planning, shopping or making arrangements for the festive celebrations. Right from a school going kid to a corporate professional, all are eagerly waiting to celebrate the festivals in their own way.

User Research Insight Base To Build For The Billion Users

Oct. 6, 2018

Customer satisfaction is what companies look for while developing any product or providing any service. User Experience (UX) is a key essential element in product engineering. It needs to be enhanced for wide industrial scope. It has been a prime focus for all the organizations right from the leading ones. If a customer is satisfied with a product, only then that product will reach success.

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