World Class Web and Mobile Apps Development

We are an Internet Engineering Company. We design, develop and launch functional websites, web application, mobile application and implement ERP solution.

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Global startups

Works with Global Startups

Starting a new business is always exciting and intimidating but it comes with challenges too. We combine our experiences with your idea to help bring your MVP to life.


Business solutions

Solution Designed for Business

We design solution that your business needs. Our clean design, easy to use and feature rich application seamlessly integrates into your business environment.


Open source software

Open Source as Driving Force

Open source lead the innovation with a simple objective to offer - freedom, choice and security. We help organisations make the most of open source ecosystem.


Consulting Services

We develop unique solutions and create value by addressing your business complexity and challenges through sustainable innovation. Our innovative performance roadmap combines creating thinking and technology expertise to add value in your business.


Product Design and Engineering

Our product design and engineering value proposition delivers end-to-end solutions to customer, ensures right quality, stability, scalability and systematically speed up time to market.

Our ultimate goal is to bring your meaningful ideas to life by crafting user experience and functional richness.


Product design and engineering
Google partner in bangalore

Innovative Collaboration

Since inception of Nescode, we deliver an integrated solution in more efficient, reliable and sustainable ways. Increasingly we work on new technologies and solution in collaboration with companies inside and outside the technology sector. These collaboration help us to ensure a healthy ecosystem of new ideas and scope in business growth. We are a partner for leading technologies product companies like Microsoft, Google and Amazon.